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James Hodkinson - Wer sind wir? (Who are we?)

Dr James Hodkinson's (Associate Professor in German) research uses contemporary and historical materials to get students to think about and consider how cultural differences could be seen positively, assessing different ways we can co-exist whilst preserving and respecting our cultural differences. He invited students studying AS, A Level and advanced GCSE’s in Modern Foreign Languages, Religious Studies, History and Sociology. We were able to bring a school from the Midlands, Nicholas Chamberlaine who are based in Bedworth.

Using the Hafiz-Goethe Two Chairs Monument in Weimar, Germany as a core example and prop of understanding between two nation states. He was able to stimulate reflection on real-life and visual encounters between mutually different groups. Looking at how we define ourselves and others through various mediums but always bringing the discussion back to the Two Chairs and how this idea of exchange and conversation between two individuals can bring together similarities and shared attributes beyond our external factors and geography.

The school group considered it to be a great success with the lead teacher reflecting on the workshop post-Tate Exchange writing to say that “the students had a great - and thought provoking – time”.

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