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Vicki Squire and Bern O'Donoghue - Dead Reckoning/ Crossing the Med

Vicki Squire's (Reader in International Security) work looks to map the experiences and stories of migrants attempting to cross the Mediterranean Sea. This interactive map provides a visual representation of real-life migrant’s journeys, and also shares their stories of the problems and issues they have faced both in their home countries and also throughout their journey. By documenting these migratory journeys and experiences they attempt to inform and assess the impact of policy interventions.

Bern O'Donoghue’s work is a powerful, emotive portrayal of the thousands of migrant lives which have been lost whilst they attempt to make the crossing over the Mediterranean Sea entitled Dead Reckoning. Each tiny marbled boat is a depiction of an individual life lost. By asking audience members to help her to display each boat, holding a tiny fragile paper vessel and placing them into a circle which slowly grows over the week, this enables the audience to understand how fragile life is and bear witness to the loss of human life and extreme difficulty of the journey the migrants face.

Vicki and Bern also organised and participated in a symposium “Thinking and Feeling Migration Differently” during the week which looked to explore these issues in further depth with additional comment and stories shared by other panel members. This symposium encouraged lively and impassioned debate from the audience, encouraging a two-way knowledge sharing opportunity.

Vicki and Bern’s individual projects work in conjunction to achieve the same aims to use the power of artistic creativity, dialogue and story-sharing in opening up new ways for communities and individuals to relate to people on the move.