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How you're helping our communities during COVID-19

Warwick stories and volunteering

We need to support our neighbours and local community.

Please share the ideas you have had so far and we will share them here too.

On this page:

How Warwick is helping the community during COVID-19

We are trying to support our community in any way possible.

  1. We have given away our Personal Protective Equipment to the NHS
  2. We are making hand sanitiser for the NHS
  3. We have given our labs over to support COVID-19 clinical laboratory work
  4. We are giving scientific advice to Government
  5. Our Warwick Medical School staff are supporting the NHS

Read some more ways Warwick is helping the region.

Pictured: Chemistry researchers on completion of their first batch of sanitiser - In background From left to right: Qiao Song, Arkadios Marathianos, Stephen Hall, Atty Shegiwal and Professor Dave Haddleton. Foreground Professor Seb Perrier.

Pictured: Chemistry researchers on completion of their first batch of sanitiser.

What you can do to help

Have a look at our list of volunteering opportunities to find something that suits you.

Join a community group online:

Please tell us if there are other local support groups you want to share.

Your volunteer stories

It has been great to hear from people across the University doing what they can to help.

Juggling for Mental Health Awareness

Ela Ozcan

Warwick Conferences

"Juggling has been incredibly beneficial to my mental health during isolation, it has kept me occupied as well and active at home, so when I heard about the 2.6 challenge, I knew that juggling would be a great way to participate."

Here more about Ela's story here.

Bike Shed Community Response Network

Sheila Kiggins

Media Relations Manager for Faculty of Social Sciences

"Motorcycling is a big part of my life and my club normally raises hundreds of pounds a year for local good causes including the NHS and the blood bikers. Because all events have been cancelled we’ve not been able to fundraise and I’ve been looking for another way to give back to the community.

“The Bike Shed Community Response network started in London but now covers the whole of the UK. Delivery jobs are scheduled on a professional app which has been re-purposed for us volunteers to use. We deliver anything from PPE to prescriptions, urgent oximeter tests or even food."

Here more about Sheila's story here.

Public Health England

Charlotte Dixon

Undergraduate student, Life Sciences

"Recent developments in the world has caused Public Health England to mainly focus all its work on Coronavirus.

One way in which they have been helping, is deploying their staff to hospital labs to assist in the diagnostics of samples from people suspected to have Coronavirus.

I have volunteered for deployment, which will involve me working for 7 days in a hospital lab, testing the thousands of samples that arrive each day. In addition to this, we are running a number of projects in the hope of quickly developing a vaccine for Coronavirus."

Here more about Charlotte's story here.

Voluntary dog walking for the elderly

Katie Barlow

Widening Participation Events and Operations Team Manager

Sarah Glassborow

Widening Participation Assistant

“We have been volunteering by dog walking for the elderly for the Cinnamon Trust on our lunch breaks and at weekends. It is a great a way to get out the house for a break away from our laptops for fresh air and a walk, and also provides exercise for dogs who sometimes only get one or two walks per week.

At this time we are falling into the key workers category, and we are following safety precautions when picking up the dogs, but we have both been going above and beyond the role at the moment by picking up milk, bread or other essentials when asked by owners."

Hear more about their story and how you can get involved here.

How university sports clubs are innovating during a global pandemic
Charlotte Lloyd

SU Sports Officer

"We started the #stayathomechallenge to try and encourage people to do the right thing and socially distance themselves, which may be particularly hard for sporty-types! The uptake has been amazing, we’ve had everything from football to archery, skiing to water-polo and so many more – it’s honestly made me so proud to see. I’ve also started posting work out videos because it makes working out indoors more fun and gets me motivated."

Read the article from Xanthe Blain's who puts the spotlight on Warwick sports clubs’ innovative responses to COVID-19.

Delivering prescriptions

Simon Bason

Client Relationship Director, WBS

"I am a volunteer delivering prescriptions in the village as already they are seeing unprecedented demand.

Also there is going to be a Wellesbourne Task Force whereby we are going to offer support to those self-isolating by helping with food, medical deliveries or perhaps just being a friendly voice at the end of a phone.

It would be great to encourage colleagues from the village to join and be part of this group.

I am certain we have some great administrators and those who are good counsellors who would have very valuable skills to offer."

If you would like to join Simon and volunteer, you can register here.

Contacting neighbours

Laura Heathfield

International Strategy and Relations, Strategy Group

"I dropped this note through over 100 doors on my road and several surrounding streets and immediately started receiving, texts, calls and handwritten notes thanking us for the offer. Many said that it was so reassuring to know that someone was nearby who could help, and they’ve kept my number in case they need it. At the same time, many neighbours messaged offering to support my efforts, and we’ve now setup a whatsapp group to coordinate our help. We’re already delivering food and picking up prescriptions for several households nearby - a real community effort. We’ve all agreed that once this is all over, we’ll definitely be having a big street party to celebrate!"

Helping food banks

Nathan Gamble

Web Officer, School of Law

"I’ve been volunteering with my local Food bank in Coventry which is run by the Trussell Trust. I’ve been delivering the food around the city and collecting donations from Supermarkets and businesses. I’ve also been helping to deliver individual food parcels to people who are unable to get out.

I’ve also registered with the NHS volunteers scheme. My plan is to respond to ‘Community Response’ alerts when I’m out doing my shopping so that I can help someone else out when I’m out already. Through this I’ll be picking up medication and food for people who are vulnerable and unable to leave the house.

I’ve also registered to help transport NHS materials and also help out as a ‘Check in and Chat’ volunteer."

Sharing food

Katie Travers

Widening Participation Events Administrator, SRS

"The Brilliant Club had an event with us on Monday 16 March and we were providing lunch. Over twenty schools cancelled that morning, leaving us with lots of unwanted lunch. We managed to send the children home with very full tummies and some food for the road but still had 140 fresh sandwiches left. Anything longer life I stored away for future events but the fresh sandwiches I took to a local couple who support homeless shelters in Coventry, they said they were for younger people and the Coventry Foyer.

We also gave 200 tote bags and pens to a teacher from Myton School who got in touch with concerns that students would struggle to take all their resources home and have basic stationery."

Read more about Katie's work

... And a thank you

Mairi Ann Cullen

Senior Research Fellow, Centre for Educational Development, Appraisal & Research

"A kind colleague picked up my medication for me from the chemist and dropped it off at my doorstep and than called me on the phone so that I could speak to her 'face to face' by looking out the window at her standing on the pavement. I am in the group that needs to stay indoors for the next 12 weeks so this was a really helpful and friendly thing to do."

Please share your stories with us at community at warwick dot ac dot uk