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JinJue Lin

2018/19 Term 1, Week 6

Nominated by:

Alison Stehr

St John Ambulance LINKS


JinJue is an incredibly dedicated first aider with St. John - she goes above and beyond all that can be expected from a student to volunteer on and off campus, always ready to offer help when it is needed!

JinJue has so many early mornings and late nights, but no matter whether she's swamped with exams or free to roam during the breaks, she's always ready to help out. It doesn't matter if she's already spent 12 hours working at BBC's greatest weekend the day before, she just goes and does it all again the next day. And of course she'll stay behind during the summer break just to be able to help out, be it in Wembley or elsewhere.

Besides her field work, she spends countless hours working as a St. John exec or studying for some selection day! Weekends don't exist in the life of a JinJue, they are there only to be dedicated towards more volunteering.
What makes it even more impressive is that JinJue does it all while also helping at a special needs school every week.How she manages to be there at all times for her friends and family I do not know, but she always finds a way.

JinJue really is a true star and fully deserves to be recognised as such!