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Nikita Slate

2018/19 Term 1, Week 8

Nominated by:

Charlotte Beardwell, Project Leader

Cheylesmore Good Neighbours


Nikita has had such a wonderfully positive impact on our project over the many sessions that she has volunteered at. Upon learning of Nikita's visual impairment, we were able to place her with Janet, a lady who has a similar impairment. Not only did Nikita teach Janet how to use her device, she was able to give Janet more tailored help as she went through the device's settings with her which made the device much easier for Janet to use, for example enlarging the text and putting it in bold. Nikita's help was able to reach far beyond her partnership with Janet, as she helped me to teach my partners at both the Headway and Cheylesmore sessions how to use these settings as well. Without the help of Nikita, none of these technology learners would have access to settings which have ultimately made their lives much easier as I, as well as the other volunteers, did not have knowledge of them.
Charlotte Beardwell

Over three sessions she formed a warm relationship with Janet and they shared stories of how they coped with their issues. In a session at Headway, which is a fairly challenging environment in itself, she assisted Gary with his smartphone. In between, she helped an able bodied client at Ekta (who mentioned later how impressed she was with Nikita's approach in spite of her difficulties.) Nikita shows how even in adversity she is willing and capable of volunteering to the full extent. She is a truly excellent example of the Warwick Volunteering spirit.
Alex Robinson