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Student Story: Tanay Kasyap Kondiparthy

What volunteering were you involved in?

I am the project leader for Cheylesmore Good Neighbours. It is a project which assists the elderly in using basic modern technology like computers, mobile phones etc. This year due to Covid we had to move the project virtual.

Why did you decide to volunteer?

I used to volunteer when I was quite young, but unfortunately during my school years I didn't get many opportunities to volunteer. But at Warwick, Warwick Volunteers provided me with an opportunity to make productive use of my free time and take up volunteering.

What did you gain/learn from volunteering?

The satisfaction of helping the other person during my free time.

What have been the highlights of your volunteering experience?

I have done quite a few volunteering projects at Warwick but the main highlight would be getting selected as the project leader for Cheylesmore Good Neighbours.

Do you think your volunteering has had an impact on your career?

Volunteering has had an impact on my career by teaching me various organisational and communication skills through my role as a project leader

Do you think volunteering has had an impact on your wellbeing?

Yes, volunteering has had a huge impact on my wellbeing. It has limited my stress and anxiety. It has also enabled me to free up my mind during tough periods.

What advice would you give to students who want to get involved?

Just try to do as much volunteering as possible during your free time. It is really one of the best experiences you can have at Warwick.

Name: Tanay Kasyap Kondiparthy

Year of study: 2nd Year

Subject of study: Economics