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Careers and Skills

How to use your volunteering experience to land your dream job!

What do employers look for in candidates? Attend this practical workshop to find out how your volunteering can make you stand out from the crowd both at application and interview stages and get tips on how to best to evidence the skills you have developed to prospective employers.

Date: Thursday 7th February
Time: 17:15-18:45
Venue: S0.10 (Social Studies)

What can the students expect to cover?
  • Key employability skills sought by employers
  • Practical exercises to help clarify what these skills are and recognise them in job descriptions, application forms and job interview questions
  • The significance of self-awareness and mechanisms to develop this
  • The importance of using positive and active words
Learning outcomes
  • Appreciated how your volunteering can assist you in demonstrating your suitability to prospective employers
  • Analysed how to best answer employers’ questions
  • Practised the CARE framework to provide evidence of your skills
  • De-mystified the interview process and tackled the questions you mostly fear being asked at interviews
Student preparation needed

This is a practical and interactive workshop.
It is suggested that students think in preparation about their volunteering and other work experiences thus far, what skills/knowledge they have developed and specific examples where these are evidenced.

Examples can be used during the workshop from participants CVs or application form answers should participants wish to share these with the group.

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