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Henley Green

This Primary School is located in the Northeast area of Coventry.

Overview of Volunteer opportunities:

Student Tutoring

Right to Read

Wyken Croft, Coventry, CV2 1HQ

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School Day:
8.55am - 3.15pm


From campus take the 12 bus towards Coventry to Grove Street on Cox Street (approx. 28 mins)

Walk to Coventry, Coventry Baths, Stop MB (on Cox Street)

Take the 10 bus towards Bell Green (Coventry), Riley Square to Doncaster Close on Wyken Croft (approx. 18 mins)

Typical travel time from campus: 1 hour 5 mins

* Group transport from campus may be available to this school. Please contact the Warwick Volunteers office for more information

Typical travel time: 23 mins


Student Tutoring

Monday am, Maths/English, Year 1
Tuesday am, Maths/English, Year 2
Wednesday am, Maths/English, Year 3
Thursday am, Maths/English, Year 4
Friday am, Maths/English, Year 5
Right to Read
Monday pm, Year 3
Tuesday pm, Year 4
Wednesday pm, Year 5
Thursday pm, Year 6