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Finham Park 2

This Secondary School is located in Coventry.

Overview of Volunteer opportunities:

Student Tutoring
Right to Read
Language Tutoring


Torrington Avenue, Coventry, CV4 9WT

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School Day:
8:40-12:25 or 13:25 (split lunchtime)

13:00 - 15:00

15:00 - 16:00 - after school opportunities


Volunteering Opportunities:

Student Tutoring:
- Any national curriculum subject considered: Flexible re days and times

Right to Read:
- Flexible re days and times

Language Tutoring: Mandarin, French and Spanish
-Flexible re days and times

 The School is also interested in:

-After school opportunities from 3-4pm - volunteers to run or support with Music or Art would be very welcome. This is a good opportunity to lead a session. Volunteers can work in pairs or a small group.

**This school operates a two week timetable so flexibility will be required**