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Castle Nursery School

This Primary School is located in Kenilworth.

Overview of Volunteer opportunities:

Right to Read

Student Tutoring

Language Tutoring


Caesar Road, Kenilworth, CV8 1DL

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School Day:
7:30 : 18:00 (this school offers before and after-school clubs).


Approximate journey time from campus: 28 minutes.


Details of Volunteer Opportunities:

Right to Read: Everyday -days and times are flexible - children age 3-4 years

Student Tutors : General help for play and craft activities, and after school activities - children age 3-5 years: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday

Language Tutors: Mandarin, French, Spanish, French, Italian and Greek - children age 4-6 years: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday

Other: This school are also interested in student-led after school clubs for Sports, Music, Arts and Crafts, Magic and Drama.