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Attention Message

Bake It Up! aims to improve the self-esteem of young people by allowing them to get creative in the kitchen and achieving something they can be proud of. Volunteers run two after school clubs, which enable participants to develop new skills, learn to work as a team and gain knowledge about various ingredients and foods.



Bake it up!

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Volunteering Opportunities
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Bake it Up is led by student volunteers, who are responsible for planning and running the baking clubs. There are 2 distinct projects:

Primary School - After School Club
Volunteers work with children ages 7-11 to introduce them to baking and enhance their skills. The group bake a new recipe at each session and the children complete activities to work towards creating their own recipe book.

Secondary School - After School Club
Volunteers lead baking classes for pupils ages 11-13, allowing them to get creative in the kitchen making new bakes and cakes. During the sessions, pupils will learn how to prepare a range of recipes, and will compete in their very own bake off during the final session.


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Location and Travel
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Volunteer meetings are held on campus, and sessions take place at the schools.

  • Sydenham Primary School is located in Leamington and volunteer transport is provided by Warwick Volunteers.
  • Westwood Academy is located in Coventry and is within walking distance from campus.
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Time Commitment
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Term 1
Volunteer taster sessions and socials are held every 1-2 weeks throughout term 1. Volunteers will be required to undertake a DBS check (and Certificate of Good Conduct if applicable) and complete safeguarding training.

Term 2
Sessions run weekly, for 6-8 weeks at the schools usually on Wednesday afternoons. Times and dates for 2020 TBC.



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If you have an interest in baking this is the ideal project for you as you will be encouraging young people. Experience of working with young people is an advantage but is not essential. All we ask for is a friendly face and enthusiasm to get involved!

All volunteers will be required to:

  • Complete online safeguarding training
  • Complete an Enhanced criminal background check from the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS)
  • In addition, if you have lived outside of the UK for more than 6 months in the past 5 years you need to obtain a criminal record check from the country you lived in. This is commonly referred to as a ‘Certificate of Good Conduct’

For more information visit our DBS page, or contact the Warwick Volunteers office or any of the Project Leaders.

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How to get involved
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This project is currently on hold due to the Coronavirus.

Like us on Facebook @bakeitupwarwick and follow us on Instagram @bakeitup.warwick

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Why get involved?
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View our top reasons why you should volunteer

Also you can watch this video to see a session in action.



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