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Attention Message

Change makers is a healthy living programme for families with children aged between 4 and 12, and is held in schools, after school. Change maker’s targets overweight children however the course is inclusive and all families are welcome to join. The course offers families a chance to get a better understanding of how to make effective dietary changes that will make a big difference over time, and engage in physical activity.


Change Makers family lifestyle programme

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Volunteering Opportunities
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A Change Makers volunteer will play a key role in Family Weight Management courses. Volunteers will be expected to base service user’s positive behaviour change at the centre of their work. The role will involve assisting with activities, maintaining clear and accurate records where necessary, and recording any necessary information in order to feedback Family Weight Management team members.

There will be a variety of opportunities depending on your availability.

The main responsibilities will be to support the Family Lifestyle Advisor with the weekly nutrition and healthy eating sessions and the Physical Activity Coach with games throughout the 9 week family lifestyle programme. Furthermore, to support positive changes in behaviour (ie healthy eating, physical activity, positive mental well-being) by children and family members in order to achieve and maintain healthy weight over the course.

Volunteers can also be involved in full day taster sessions within the schools to try and recruit children onto the courses. This involves playing active games and sports such as dodgeball, and gets them excited about Change Makers.

We also host Change Maker Parties during the school holidays where volunteers can support the Family Lifestyle Advisor which will include engaging with families in a variety of activities designed to enhance health education.

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Location and Travel
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This term, sessions will take place at different schools and leisure clubs in Warwick.

Travel expenses are reimbursed by the organisation.

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Time Commitment
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Volunteers can commit 1.5 hours a week for 3 months (term time) for the regular sessions.

Volunteers can also help for the one-off events.

Activities mostly take place in the afternoon.

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Friendly and welcome manner is essential to this role, alongside good communication skills with parents and children aged between 4-12 years. An ideal volunteer would have a good understanding and general interest in health and exercise for children.

A DBS check will be carried out before a volunteer can begin volunteering.

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Why get involved?
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This is an external opportunity
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Warwick Volunteers cannot be held responsible for external volunteering opportunities advertised, but we do make every effort to ensure that all the information we publish is accurate. We advise volunteers to use their own judgement when selecting potential opportunities, and to check all details concerning prospective volunteering activity with the organisation involved. Please make sure that you have received all necessary training and information regarding your own health and safety before commencing volunteering.

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How to get involved
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To volunteer contact Hayley dot minogue at rugby dot gov dot uk

You can find out more about the programme on their website:

This project is not managed by Warwick Volunteers.