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Cheylesmore Good Neighbours: Retired Rewired


We teach elderly people how to use their phones, tablets and laptops so that they can remain independent and connected with the community. We have four different projects - Cheylesmore, Earlsdon, Ekta-Unity and Headway.

There is NO previous experience required! If you know how to work your phone/laptop/tablet then you'll be able to teach the elderly learners how to use theirs. Often you'll be teaching them quite basic skills like how to use Google Maps, iPlayer and send emails. You can find a typical lesson plan here for further information. In the unlikely event that something that you are unfamiliar with arises during the sessions, one of the project leaders will always be there to help!

We have projects in four different locations. Each project has a different time commitment. To find out more about each project click the links below!

Cheylesmore Sessions

Earlsdon Sessions

Ekta-Unity Sessions

Headway Sessions


Date: Tuesday 2nd October 2018

Location: H1.02 (Humanities)

Time: 6-7pm


If you have any further questions about the projects, please do not hesitate to send an email to the Project Leaders Charlotte and Amy at cgnretiredrewired at warwick dot ac dot uk

To find out more about our Project Leaders have a look here.


Keep in mind that any travel can be reimbursed by Warwick Volunteers. Find out more infomation here.

Also, if you complete more than 20 hours of volunteering in an academic year it will appear on your HEAR certificate when you graduate! Find out more information here.