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What we do
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The Earlsdon sessions are run like a drop-in session rather than a one-on-one lesson, meaning that you work with someone different each week and you could potentially work with mulitple people in a single session! The benefit of these sessions is that you'll get the opportunity to help with more specific queries. Like all of our sessions, basic knowledge of technology is all that is required - if you can use your smart phone you can teach someone to use their own!

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Signing up
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These sessions are fortnightly and we ask that you commit to at least two sessions per term (but these do not necessarily need to be consecutive weeks). Sign up for term one will open once the dates have been confirmed.

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Project leader
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Ammu is the Project Leader for the Earlsdon Sessions. If you have any queries or would like to find out more about volunteering at our Earlsdon sessions (or any of the other CGN: Retired Rewired sessions) please email cgnretiredrewired at warwick dot ac dot uk

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Time commitment
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There will be four sessions taking place on Thursdays throughout term. You need to sign up to at least two of these sessions, although they do not need to be consecutive dates.

Including travel, these sessions will take approximately two and a half hours. All of the hours you spend volunteering can be recorded on your Volunteering Log.

Remember that if you complete 15+ hours of volunteering in a single academic year, you can apply for a Warwick Vounteers Certifcate and have it listed on your HEAR.

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Location and travel
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This opportunity takes place in Earlsdon meaning thre is a short commute from campus. This is a great opportunity for students in all years, especially for freshers looking to get to know the area surrounding campus! Transport is arranged by the Project Leaders and expenses are covered by Warwick volunteers making it easy for anyone to get involved!