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Headway Sessions


The Headway sessions will be split into two parts: firstly, a demonstration or a presentation of basic technology concepts and, secondly, partnered learning where you will be able to help the students learn hands-on. At Headway we help learners with brain injuries so the teaching be will adapted to accomodate.

The volunteers and the Project Leaders will meet up a couple of times beforehand in order to work on the presentation that we will deliver to the learners. We are also hoping that we can collate a small booklet that we can give to the learners.


You can sign up to volunteer at our Headway session here.


Charlotte is the project leader for the Headway sessions. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to send her an email at cgnretiredrewired at warwick dot ac dot uk




The session will take place on Tuesday 6 November from 1.15-2.45 pm at the Salvation Army Centre in Coventry. Volunteers will travel together from campus leaving at 12.45 pm and returning at approx.3.15 pm. Volunteers will need to commit to attend the full session and also a couple group meet ups, but these will be arranged once volunteers have signed-up.


Once we have a team of volunteers who have signed up we will arrange with everyone a time to meet up to prepare the presentation. It is likely that we will meet up a couple of times!


The sessions will be held at Headway's centre in Coventry. Transport will be arranged by the Project Leaders from campus and all expenses will be paid for by the Warwick Volunteers department!