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Lauren Rutter
Warwick Rowing – Project Oarsome

For the whole of Term 2, once a week a team of six volunteers which included different members from the club, armed with six rowing machines in a van, attended local primary schools. Over the course of 10 weeks, the club managed to introduce 400 primary age children to rowing. They taught them a little bit about the history of Rowing and after a little demonstration and some one-on-one guidance we held a Rowing Relay Race in teams. The machines were connected to a laptop and a projector which displayed a moving image of how the race was progressing.


“We really wanted to get out into the local community and with the upcoming Olympics and as Rowing is a sport where we have good prospects this year; we thought it would be a great time to introduce primary school children to Rowing. It is not something they get exposure to in the curriculum and it is not generally the ones which are good at the more conventional sports such as Football and Netball who shine at Rowing.

Volunteering was beneficial for me in terms of coaching novice rowers coming to the university, and for novice rowers in cementing their knowledge of Rowing and the technique. It was also helpful for practising communication and organisational skills and how to learn from the mistakes of the previous week and improving upon them.

I would definitely recommend clubs and societies getting involved in volunteering. It is a highly rewarding experience in terms of providing something for the community which they would not have otherwise had. Additionally, it is a really useful team building exercise for members of your club or society and allows everyone to come together with a common goal and learn useful skills for later life.”