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Polo Case Study

Warwick Polo Club


Heather Lacy

4th year, Maths and Physics

Warwick Polo Club

Members of Warwick Polo Club volunteered with the Riding for the Disabled Association at Lowlands Farm in Warwick. They supported the organisation by using the skills and experience of the club members to help children with disabilities learn to ride ponies.

“Every Saturday morning for about 3 hours a group of 3 Polo Club volunteers would help out at a riding for the disabled centre. Here we lead ponies, helped kids learn how to ride.

We got a group of us together to make sure that the charity we were helping had regular volunteers, yet because there were 12 of us doing it, it didn’t take up too much time and we could work around exams/course work and it was this flexibility that allowed us all to participate.

You really see some of the children improve their riding over the course of a few visits and you see how much being able to do it cheers them up. I gained a sense of achievement by giving up my time to help these children do something they enjoy and sense of pride seeing the children improve at something I took for granted.”