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Attention Message

Coventry Museums are the Herbert Art Gallery & Museum, Coventry Transport Museum (both in the city centre) and the Lunt Roman Fort (about three miles from the city centre in Baginton). They are run by Culture Coventry, a registered charity.



Photograph of the Herbert Art Gallery

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Volunteering Opportunities
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Due to the Coronavirus we are taking very few if any new volunteers on at The Herbert Art Gallery & Museum or the Coventry Transport Museum this side of Christmas 2020. We will look at the situation again in the new year and decide at that point whether we will start recruiting again. Please check again in January or February

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Why get involved?
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Time Commitment
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The Herbert is open from 10am to 4pm Monday to Saturday and 12pm to 4pm on Sunday.

We would prefer volunteers to come in to help regularly for the duration of the time that they can help. Volunteering sessions can vary but would generally be for a minimum of two hours per session.

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Volunteers should be reliable, punctual, and demonstrate a good level of spoken English as some roles will require volunteers to interact with visitors to the gallery.

Prospective volunteers will attend an info session and an interview with the Herbert or Transport Museum's volunteer coordinator. All volunteers will be given training suitable to their roles, and will be supervised by members of staff.

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How to get involved
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This project is not currently recruiting for volunteers due to the Coronavirus. We will update the information on this page when this changes.

This project is not managed by Warwick Volunteers
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Herbert Art Gallery & Museum
Jordan Well
The Lunt Roman Fort

Coventry Road,

Coventry Transport Museum
Millennium Place,
Hales Street,

Volunteer travel expenses are paid by the organisation.

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This is an external opportunity
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Warwick Volunteers cannot be held responsible for external volunteering opportunities advertised, but we do make every effort to ensure that all the information we publish is accurate. We advise volunteers to use their own judgement when selecting potential opportunities, and to check all details concerning prospective volunteering activity with the organisation involved. Please make sure that you have received all necessary training and information regarding your own health and safety before commencing volunteering.