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Attention Message

Coventry Winter Night Shelter run by Coventry Churches provide rough sleepers with support, a hot meal, a safe and warm bed for the night.

*This project is not managed by Warwick Volunteers. To contact Coventry Winter Night Shelter, please visit their website:*



A photo inside Coventry Winter Night Shelter and their logo

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Volunteering Opportunities
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In partnership with Coventry City Council and the Salvation Army, Coventry Churches are working together with the community to provide a night time shelter for rough sleepers and homeless over the Winter months (1st December - 31st March). 7 church venues in the City will operate from 7pm to 9am in 3 shifts over a 17 week period. Each venue serves a hot evening meal and a light breakfast and becomes a dormitory for up to 20 persons, sleeping on camp beds.

Volunteers are expected to give time to a few shifts, preferably on the very quiet but necessary night shift (ideal for reading/studying/writing).

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All Souls’ church

Kingsland Ave, Coventry CV5 8DX


Methodist Central Hall

Warwick Lane, Coventry CV1 2HA


St Osburg’s church

Barras Lane, Coventry CV1 4AQ


Salvation Army church

Upper Well St, Coventry CV1 4AG


Limbrick Wood Baptist Church

Faseman Ave, Tile Hill North, Coventry CV4 9RD


St Columba’s Canal Basin

St Columba's Close, Coventry CV1 4BX


St Margaret’s church (Dec/Jan)

50 Walsgrave Road CV2 4EB


St Alban’s church (Feb/March)

Mercer Avenue, Coventry CV2 4PQ

Travel expenses are not reimbursed by this organisation. However, volunteers are invited to have a meal and snacks during sessions.

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Time Commitment
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A recommended number of 4 shifts - Evening (6:30pm-10pm) Night (10pm-7am) Morning (7am-9am) at one of the Night Shelter venues.

If you are unable to commit to four shift please feel free to get in contact and discuss your availability.

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Volunteers must demonstrate a non-judgemental attitude and be compassionate at all times towards guests of the shelters. Each venue has a coordinator and each shift has an appointed leader. There is also a volunteer handbook issued.

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How to get involved
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Due to Covid 19 this project will not be running in 2020-21.
You can read more about the project and how to get involved here:

This project is not managed by Warwick Volunteers. To contact Coventry Winter Night Shelter, please visit their website:

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Why get involved?
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View our top reasons why you should volunteer

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This is an external opportunity
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Warwick Volunteers cannot be held responsible for external volunteering opportunities advertised, but we do make every effort to ensure that all the information we publish is accurate. We advise volunteers to use their own judgement when selecting potential opportunities, and to check all details concerning prospective volunteering activity with the organisation involved. Please make sure that you have received all necessary training and information regarding your own health and safety before commencing volunteering.