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Crafts in Hospital

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Volunteering Opportunities

Crafts in Hospital supports UHCW Charity in offering creative art packs for the Hospital’s Healing Arts Programme, distributed via Artie the art cart which visits wards daily in an effort to cheer up patients and offer free crafts and games. The arts have a key role in improving the wellbeing and health of patients and can help to speed up recovery.

Sessions are held on campus and volunteers meet to design prototypes and make deconstructed crafts packs. Volunteers make a range of different craft packs including bookmarks, gift bags, jewellery and cards for many different occassions including birthdays Christmas and Easter.


Volunteer sessions are held on campus.

How to get involved
Time Commitment

Volunteering is flexible as you can attend as many sessions as you want and join at any time during the year. Sessions last for approximately two hours.


No previous experience is required.

Why get involved?