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Girlguiding is the leading voluntary organisation for girls and young women in the UK. It provides a girl only space where they can have fun, thrive, grow and give back to the community.



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What is Girlguiding?
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Girlguiding UK is the UK's leading voluntary organisation for girls and young women, building their confidence and raising their aspirations. Girlguiding gives girls and young women the chance to discover their full potential and encourages them to be a powerful force for good. They earn millions of badges in everything from first aid to stargazing and are encouraged to dicover and try new things.

From Rainbows to Brownies, Guides and Senior Section, guiding is about fun, friendship, new challenges and adventures.

You can volunteer to work with:

Rainbows: 5-7 years

Brownies: 7-10 years

Guides: 10-14 years

Senior Section: 14-18 years

Unit Helpers 

If you can commit to helping on a regular basis, once a week or a fortnight, you could become a Unit Helper and assist the Unit Leader. Helpers are vital in enabling the unit to keep running. They help out either on a rota system, or just whenever they can, providing the Leaders with an extra pair of hands. Volunteers have the flexibility and freedom to give whatever time they're able to.

Unit Leaders and Assistant Leaders

Every unit has at least one qualified Leader. They have overall responsibility for the unit, although this is often shared between a team. Leaders and Assistant Leaders work with the girls to plan activities and to ensure that finances and records are kept up to date. As a new leader you'll gain the Girlguiding UK Leadership Qualification - a fantasitc addition to your CV. Even more training opportunities are available once you've qualified

Occasional Helpers

If you want to be part of Girlguiding but dont have the time to commit regularly, there are plenty of important jobs that can be done in your own time that really make a difference. You could:

  • Help with the accounts or admin
  • Lend a hand with fundraising for a group trip
  • Take part in a one off session with a local group, teaching girls skills (anything from Judo to gardening) to help with acquire a badge
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Where will I volunteer?
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There are 30,000 Girlguiding groups all over the UK with numerous units across Coventry and Warwickshire. These include local units in Coventry, Kenilworth, Leamington and Warwick.

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When will I volunteer?
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Volunteering with Girlguiding can be as flexible as you need it to be, making it easier for you to share your time, energy and skills

Whether it's an hour or two every few months or a regular weekly commitment there are lots of ways to volunteer and different levels of commitment.

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Our regular volunteer roles would require you to undergo a DBS check.

No experience necessary!

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Why Volunteer?
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"Giving some time at a local Girlguiding group is a great way to really get to know the new community you live in – outside the student bubble! It’s also really helped me to prioritise and manage my time – great transferable life skills going forward" - Isla, volunteer

Guiding can enhance your student experience and help you build a host of highly transferable skills. It's all about...

Fun - deadlines, coursework and early-morning lectures - university can be tough sometimes! Guiding can give you the space to let off steam when work mounts up - whether that's through once-in-a-lifetime opportunities like GOLD or just the mess and mayhem of weekly unit meetings.

Friendship - moving away to a new place can be scary. But guiding can offer you a support network outside of university. Many of our volunteers make life-long friends through guiding, and those who travel far away to go to university can guarantee a warm welcome from their local guiding group.

Flexibility - many students involved in guiding plan their unit meetings on a termly basis - meaning you don't need to worry about guiding getting in the way of your schedule. There are also many volunteer roles that operate on a casual basis.

Future - volunteering at Girlguiding offers a highly enjoyable way of enhancing your employability outside of ordinary work experience. You could even volunteer in a specialist role - such as a photographer or event planner - to give you valuable experience in your chosen career.

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How to get involved?
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If you are interested in volunteering you can register your interest and someone from the local girlguiding team will be in touch to discuss the local opportuinties available.

Register your interest here

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This is an external organisation

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Warwick Volunteers cannot be held responsible for external volunteering opportunities advertised, but we do make every effort to ensure that all the information we publish is accurate. We advise volunteers to use their own judgement when selecting potential opportunities, and to check all details concerning prospective volunteering activity with the organisation involved. Please make sure that you have received all necessary training and information regarding your own health and safety before commencing volunteering.