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Mind Aware Volunteers is a new project by the Warwick Mind Aware Society. We run interactive sessions in local secondary schools to raise awareness of mental health.


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Volunteering Opportunities
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As a volunteer for the project, you will run interactive sessions in secondary schools supervised by an Activity Leader.

Our sessions aim to raise awareness of mental wellbeing. We will cover the main facts about several mental health disorders, such as anxiety, depression and OCD. This is to help pupils to recognise the symptoms and give them the confidence to seek support where necessary. As well as providing information about specific disorders, we will also run interactive games and activities to encourage students to talk more freely about mental health.

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Location and Travel
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In terms one and two, volunteers will run sessions in Coventry, Leamington, Kenilworth and Warwick schools.

We will reimburse travel costs for this project. Visit our travel page to plan your journey to your volunteering activity.

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Time Commitment
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In term one, volunteers are required to attend a 2 hour training session to go through the lesson plan. There are 2 identical sessions available: volunteers only need to attend 1 session. Dates and locations will be confirmed nearer the time - please ensure that you are a paid member of Warwick Mind Aware society to receive communication by email.

Week 4 - exact dates TBC

Volunteers must also complete an online safeguarding course lasting 1 hour. The safeguarding course link will be sent to volunteers after they have attended one of the training sessions.


After training, volunteers will visit secondary schools in the local area. Sessions will be run on weekday afternoons and each will last around 1 hour. Dates will be confirmed nearer the time. Several sessions may be ran in each school. Volunteers can commit to as many/few sessions as they like.

Remember, all activities related to the Mind Aware Volunteers Project (including meetings, training, the sessions, the travel time to and from schools) can be logged on your Hours Log in order to receive a Warwick Volunteers Certificate.

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All volunteers will be required to attend a 2 hour training session specific to the project. In addition, volunteers must complete an online Safeguarding training course lasting 1 hour.

All volunteers must have membership for Mind Aware society. This costs £3 and can be purchased from the SU website.


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How to get involved
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This project is currently on hold due to the Coronavirus.

Mind Aware Society website
Mind Aware Facebook page

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Why get involved?
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Are you passionate about mental health?
Do you want to decrease the stigma surrounding mental health issues?
Do you want to work with young people?

If you are keen to raise awareness of mental wellbeing, this is the volunteering project for you!

View our top reasons why you should volunteer


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