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Give it a Go! One-Off Volunteering

Sow Wild Flower Seeds by Canley Brook

A huge thank you to everyone who helped sow wildflower seeds with Friends of Canley Green Spaces. The seeds have already started to germinate as the heavy rainfall in recent weeks has created ideal conditions for the seedlings to grow.

Fri 17 Jun 2016, 09:34

Himalayan Balsam Bashing - Canley Brook

Thank you to all the volunteers who joined the session. The group managed to uproot over 2000 Himalyan Balsam plants, removing a dense colony growing by the Canley brook.

Fri 17 Jun 2016, 09:36


Volunteers and residents had a relaxed afternoon chatting and playing board games. Thanks to all those that came along, sessions will resume again in the next academic year.

Fri 17 Jun 2016, 09:35

Canley Community Centre Painting

Thanks to everyone who joined us at the Canley Community Centre, volunteers worked hard to paint the outside walls to give the centre a fresh new look.

Fri 17 Jun 2016, 09:34

Buddy Club

A huge thank you to everyone who came along to the Buddy Club sessions. The residents really enjoy having a good chat with volunteers!

Thu 26 May 2016, 10:08

Sow Wild Flower Seeds in Canley

Thank you to all the volunteers who helped Friends of Canley Green Spaces to sow wild flower seeds.

Tue 17 May 2016, 09:53

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