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Attention Message

Open Access Opera encourages members of the local community to find ways they can express or enjoy themselves and socialise through the art form of Opera.



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Volunteering Opportunities
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 Open Access Opera will be running a 2-hour workshop on Friday evenings 7p.m.-9p.m.

The opportunities for volunteers involve a range of skill development in:

-Music and singing

-Leading of community workshops (Specialising in performance)

-Helping/providing support for others who have some level of mental health issue

The leaders for the projects coming years will most likely be from those who work with the group as a volunteer assistant, allowing them to gain experience.

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SYDNI Centre in Leamington (CV31 1PT)
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Time Commitment
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1 Hour welcome briefing

2 Hour Training Session

2 Hours on a weekly basis to be assisting in the workshop

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No musical or performance skills or experience required; just a willingness to help others and try something new!

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How to get involved
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Contact Project Leader Nic Miller at or take a look at our webpage:Open Access Opera
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Why get involved?
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Why should you volunteer with Open Access Opera?

-Opportunities to develop personal skills in music etc.

-Opportunities to develop interpersonal skills and working with others

-Potential to leade workshops and gain experience in leadership and provision of arts workshop

-Potential to get involved in fundraising and accessing funding for the project, improving experience in fundraising