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Conversation Club Third Session (9/11/16)

This week for our third conversation club, we had five participants join us from Coventry, and twelve volunteers to help out.

During this session, the theme was FOOD! A universal theme that everyone relates to. We gave the participants homework to bring along recipes of traditional dishes from their home country. Luckily majority of them were able to share their delicious recipes with us!

There were two activities carried out in relation to food as part of our plan to extend the group work time during the session. First of all, participants practiced how to order food and afterwards, we carried out a phone role-play in which participants would share the recipes they brought along with the rest of us.

Majority of the dishes were Syrian dishes, so the club was well exposed to Syrian food today! Feedback time was once again successful, the volunteers and participants had nothing but good things to say. There was a suggestion from participants to change the time and day for the weekly conversation club meeting when we asked why not many of them turn up, as the current meeting time and place is not convenient for everyone. The executives will look into this and try our best to find a solution.

In addition, we are trying to organize a meal that includes all volunteers and participants during the term.

It was great teaching all participants about food, especially because everyone was contributing to the subject. Next week’s theme is MUSIC, yet another universal theme! We had a short discussion towards the end in which we decided to share music from various cultures. Participants and volunteers will bring music along if they can.


Fri 18 Nov 2016, 13:42