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Conversation Club First Session (26/10/16)

The first conversation club session of this academic year can be summed up in word: Successful!

We had eight participants join us from Coventry and up to twenty volunteers alongside.

This session had no particular theme because we wanted to give the participants a chance to brainstorm ideas of what they would like to learn from this club during the next few weeks, and in turn we the executives plan to analyze the information received and decide on various themes for the following meetings.

We carried out an icebreaker which made way for the participants and volunteers to learn interesting facts about one another. This was followed by the main task of the session: The group work. We provided every group with paper, posters and stationary in order for them to brainstorm their ideas, and then they were given the chance to share their ideas with the rest of us.

As a reward for their work, there was a short break with refreshments.

Towards the end, we got feedback from the participants on the session and all of them were highly satisfied and happy with the outcome of it.

Overall, we came to the conclusion that most participants are highly eager to learn how to be able to book appointments at various necessary services including the hospital and the bank, or even learning which bus or train to take to different locations. Hopefully, with the collaboration of the executives and the volunteers, we will be able to do this.

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Fri 18 Nov 2016, 13:31