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Conversation Club Second Session (2/11/16)

This week for our second conversation club, we only had four participants join us from Coventry, but many enthusiastic volunteers.

During this session, the theme was making appointments, a theme that was agreed on with the participants and volunteers the previous week.

Participants got the chance to learn how to make appointments at various services, for example at a hospital or a bank. In addition, they learnt how to ask which is the right bus or train to take to different locations.

We carried out a warmer known as “ On the bus” which had the aim of accepting and overcoming differences of one another. This was followed by the main task of the session: The group work. We provided every group with paper, posters and stationary and then they were given the chance begin learning. As a reward for their work, there was a short break with refreshments.

During feedback time, all participants were very satisfied and happy with the outcome of the session. One of the participants had an actual dentist appointment coming up and she was happy to have had the chance to learn what to say when the appointment happened.

In addition, we got suggestions from some volunteers to increase the time dedicated to group work and shorten time for feedback, as the group work is more important. However, the executives believe that feedback is essential but we will try to find other ways of conducting it. We also plan to shorten the general feedback session at the end by asking if anyone wants to contribute instead of every individual.

It brings us great joy to be able to teach participants things like these that they will apply in their daily lives. In the next session our theme is going to be food, a universal theme that everyone can relate and contribute to.

We look forward to many more successful meetings.

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Fri 18 Nov 2016, 13:40