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Conversation Club Fourth Session (16/11/16)

This week for our fourth conversation club, we had six participants join us from Coventry, and eighteen volunteers to help out.

We had Ide, a PHD student in applied linguistics provide training for our volunteers and executives on how to improve the conversation club for an hour before the session began. We tend to do this weekly in order to ensure progress, for the first term at least.

During this session, the theme was MUSIC! A universal theme that everyone relates to. We had various activities in relation to the theme. Firstly we carried out a warmer activity called “ what did you have for dinner yesterday”, giving them the chance to revise their vocabulary on food from last week’s session.

Our first activity in relation to music required participants and volunteers to find others who will say yes or no to several questions in relation to students.

Afterwards, there was an interview activity carried out where either participants or volunteers pretended to be celebrities and got asked several questions relating to their career. This was an excellent opportunity for participants to practice their conversation skills whilst still relating it to the theme of the session.

To top it all up, we gave the volunteers and participants the chance to share music from their country, and one of our participants performed a song for us, along with another participant who played an instrument.

There was a suggestion from one of the participants to increase the timings of the sessions, or hold more than one session a week as two hours of a week does not seem enough. We will look into this.

Also, we informed everyone of our participants and volunteer meal towards the end of the term as a way to celebrate the progress of the club.

This was definitely a very fun session, especially because almost everyone got to contribute. Next week’s theme is HOLIDAYS. We look forward to it.


Fri 18 Nov 2016, 13:43