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Attention Message

STAR Conversation Club is designed to teach refugees and asylum seekers English in a fun and informal way. We aim to improve their fluency, teach them life skills and help integrate them into the community.



Student Action for Refugees, Supporting Refugees Everywhere

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Volunteering Opportunities
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The main role of the volunteers is to converse and work with the participants on the specified weekly topic.

Volunteering is flexible and volunteers are free to join as few or as many session as they want, as long as they have completed the safeguarding training.

Volunteering is currently taking an online format, to keep all of our volunteers and participants safe! Message us if you would like any more information on how this format is taking shape.

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Learn About Us!
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Recent Warwick STAR Events
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Warwick STAR Equal Access to Education Event (17/2/17)


On Friday 17th of February, Warwick STAR launched their Equal Access Campaign with an event that encourages us to try and find solutions to some of these issues newly arrived people face in the UK. We had a host of speakers, as well as engaging group discussion on the issue.

STAR National’s Equal Access campaign seeks to redress the balance, by calling on universities to classify all those seeking asylum as home students for fee purposes and for them to publicise their Equal Access policies so that potential students can apply more easily.

Click for a full synopsis and more pictures from the event

Warwick STAR Reaching Aleppo (1/12/16)

STAR Children

Last Thursday 1st of December, Warwick STAR held one of its big events: ‘Are We Saving the Children?’ Fundraiser, Film Screening and Panel. It was the first event of its kind this year which brings together local and global actors to help draw attention to a key factor behind the refugee crisis and most importantly to reach Aleppo with urgent humanitarian support.

Click here for a full summary on our blog!


STAR Big Event 3

We organised a Big Event in Week 3 where we fundraised nearly £250 for the Destitution Fund started by the Coventry Refugee and Migrant Centre.

The event was attended by around 80 people from both the University and beyond. In addition, the money was raised from donation buckets and the proceeds of a £2 three-course buffet, with over 20 volunteers contributing with home-made dishes. We also had a speaker from STAR national and an introduction by our President, Reem Doukmak.

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Sign Up
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Sign-up is now open!

**You are required to take part in a training before being able to participate. Please email us for further information and we will arrange this for you.**

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Warwick STAR Equal Access Campaign
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Warwick STAR Equal Access to Education campaign calls for giving refugees and asylum seekers an equal opportunity to access higher education degrees and facilities which are likely to support them to re-build their lives in the UK. For this purpose, we are keen to raise awareness at university and local community through our events and social media.

Click here to read the report of Equal Access Campaign.

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Check out our blog for pictures and summaries!

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Contact us!
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Facebook Page:

Instagram @staratwarwick