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Attention Message

Student Tutors: Offer your time and skills to classroom teachers



Have fun and make friends whilst boosting your CV

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Volunteering Opportunities
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Volunteering as a Student Tutor is a great way to decide if teaching is the career for you.

The Student Tutors project places volunteers in a classroom in Primary, Secondary and SEN schools across Coventry, Leamington, Kenilworth and Warwick. Volunteers will take on a teaching assistant role and work alongside class teachers to provide support to pupils.

Placements are arranged to suit each individual and volunteers are able to choose the type of school, location and subject of their choice.

If you have any further queries, please email

Or check out our Facebook page:


You will be required to complete an application form (found here) and be invited to attend a short interview.

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Location and Travel
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Information about the school and maps detailing bus routes and directions will be provided to volunteers.

Otherwise, you can visit our travel page to plan your journey.

Keep your bus, taxi and train fare receipts so you can get your travel costs reimbursed by Warwick Volunteers. Get your reimbursement forms from Warwick Volunteers office in the SU.

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Time Commitment
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Firstly, you must attend ONE of the following Student Tutors Introductory Meetings, where you will be given further information on training, DBS checks, COGC, and sign up to a Training Session:

1) TBC

2) TBC

Student Tutor Training Sessions

Please attend one of the following:

1) TBC

2) TBC

3) TBC

Please note that places are limited - only sign up if you are able to attend. After the training session, you will be given a link to apply for DBS and COGC (if applicable).

Safeguarding Essentials Training Sessions:

Online, one-hour session to be completed before the start of Week 9 (in addition to the Student Tutors training above), the link will be emailed once student tutor training has been completed.

Disability Awareness Sessions (SEN only)


This must be completed in addition to the Student Tutors & Safeguarding Essentials training above and the SEN Application form completed in order to volunteer in an SEN school.


Commitment to volunteering weekly throughout Term 2 (minimum one lesson per week + travel time).

  • If you decide you cannot commit to the project in Term 2, it is important that you email either Sarah Newell (Warwick Volunteers) or your Project Leaders immediately.
  • Remember, all activities related to Student Tutors (including training sessions, the tutoring itself, the travel time to and from schools etc.) can be logged on your Hours Log
  • The full commitment to Student Tutors provides the 15 hours of volunteering necessary for the Warwick Volunteers Certificate, and recognition on your Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR).


Optional continuation of volunteering in schools throughout Term 3

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  1. Register your interest by filling out this form
  2. Attend one of the Information Sessions (details above).
  3. Sign up to attend the necessary Training Session (information and sign ups found here)
  4. Complete all the training required: 1 x Student Tutor training session + complete Safeguarding Essentials Moodle.
  5. Complete an enhanced background check from the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS). If you have lived overseas for more than 6 months (with no breaks) in the past 5 years you need to obtain a ‘Certificate of Good Conduct’ from the relevant country in question (more information can be found here).
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How to get involved
block 5 text
This project is currently on hold due to the Coronavirus. However if you would be interested in volunteering on this project when it reopens please register your interest here.

If you have any queries, you can get in touch with the project leaders using the email:

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Why get involved?
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View our top reasons why you should volunteer

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