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Student Volunteering Week 2017


20 - 26 February 2017

Student Volunteering Week is a national celebration of the positive impact students have on their communities through volunteering. Visit the Student Volunteering Week website

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Thank you to everyone taking part in our #ShareYourExperience Competition!

The winner of the competition is... Eric Shen!

Because of the curiosity towards the technology, I chose to be a technology volunteer. Luckily, the volunteering experiences I had so far have made my life much more colourful and meaningful. Those experiences gave me so many memorable moments, including challenge, learnings, memories and the little impacts I made to the world. As a student who is studying accounting and finance, doing jobs related to technology is a huge challenge. Before participating in the volunteering scheme, I did not know much about programming. Thus, when I joined the training sessions, I was struggling with some basic operations with the Arduino. However, with the help of project leaders and my extra practising, I gradually became familiar with the programme and how to make things happen. This not only gave me basic skills in this field but also taught me how to solve problems. When going to the school sessions, I also gained some cherished memories: When I led the session in President Kennedy School, I tried to explain everything to the younger students. I felt nervous because I did not know if I clearly expressed myself. However, when those young kids left the computer room at the end of the teaching session, everybody said thanks to me and one of the students asked me if I would attend the session next week as he was looking forward to seeing me again. At that moment, I was pleased and moved. I realised that the volunteering activity is not only about contributing yourself to the local community but also gaining a sense of achievement through your work with those lovely people. I am so glad that I chose to be a technology volunteer and I hope I can contribute more to help the younger students who are passionate about technology.

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