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Student Volunteering Week 2021

Student Volunteering Week 2021 is taking place from 8th – 14th February 2021 and aims to celebrate the impact of student volunteers and encourage students to engage in civic life.

This year, move than ever, we've seen the importance of volunteering in helping to provide relief from the destruction that COVID-19 has had on communities and people's lives. Students provide vital support, tackle social challenges, learn about issues and connect with each other, both communities and students benefit.

Want to get involved?

Use our Project Search Tool to find local opportunities, check out our Coronavirus related opportunities or have a look at a few ideas below:

  • Join a Crafting Happiness online session. Each week Crafting Happiness volunteers are involved in craft-based activities to support people and communities. More info
    • Help LWS Night Shelter in Leamington to serve hot food for those who are homeless or vulnerably housed. Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday night in Leamington. More info
    • Become a NHS Volunteer Responder and help people in England to stay safe during the pandemic and support the NHS and care services. Volunteers are needed across England for various roles. For example Steward Volunteers are needed to support COVID-19 vaccinations and to help guide people at COVID-19 vaccination sites and supporting the NHS with non-clinical tasks such as signposting people around a health site or helping them check in. More info
    • Volunteer from home. Check out our selection of different 'at home' opportunities from providing telephone support to individuals at risk of loneliness as a result of self-isolation to lending your eyes to help blind and low-vision people to solve tasks big and small. More info
    Why Volunteer?

    There are huge benefits to volunteering not only for the people or communities that are supported but also the volunteers benefit too. Volunteering enables you to learn new skills, meet new people, relieve stress, improve your CV and make a difference to people's lives to name just a few. Read more

    Volunteer Stories

    Click on the links to

    "I love volunteering because it enables me to do something that is both fun and benefits the local community"

    Giulia Ferrari - 2nd Year, Politics & International Studies

    "Volunteering helped me throughout this pandemic tremendously. As an international student, I'm miles and miles away from my family and it does get lonely occasionally.

    Volunteering gives me something to look forward to every week and it's always great to enjoy the company of other students."

    Hannah Amir - 2nd Year, Accounting & Finance

    "Volunteering makes me happy. It is a way for me to give back to nature and society what I have received over the years. It is not only about helping others but it is also about helping myself grow as a person as I get to interact with so
    many people! "

    Ritika Kullen - 2nd Year, Accounting & Finance

    "I loved working with children but also getting to meet new people. I loved being
    a project leader because i was able to shape Warwick volunteers and make a
    difference to other people's uni experiences"

    Emily Marsh - 3rd Year, History

    "Volunteering has had a huge impact on my wellbeing.
    It has limited my stress and anxiety.
    It has also enabled me to free up my mind during tough periods."

    Tanay Kasyap Kondiparthy - 2nd Year, Economics



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