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We love getting feedback on our workshops, website and everything else we do. Feedback helps us to know what we are doing well and what we could do better. Scroll down to see some recent comments; we really appreciate everyone taking the time to leave such great feedback!

If you have an idea for a resource or workshop, please use our 'Ideas' page here.

We will try to respond to all feedback as soon as we can. However, to get a much faster response, please contact us directly.

Feedback Form:

Technology Volunteers may publish my comments
Technology Volunteers may publish my comments
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Post Anonymously
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This form allows us to collect feedback on our activities. If you provide an email address, we may use it to contact you to find out more information about your feedback. If you select "Technology Volunteers may publish my comments", you are giving your consent for your name and comments to appear on this website and Technology Volunteers publications. If you have selected "Post Anonymously", your name will not be shown next to any published comments. No other information shall be made publicly available. We will not use your details for any other purpose, and they will not be passed to organisations outside of Technology Volunteers.
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Some Recent Comments:

"I believe this project will give students the opportunity to meet something that they may enjoy doing for the rest of their life whether as a hobby or a profession"

"It can keep those who prefer hands on activities in the academic stream aspiring them to go to University like us and at the same time show those who are academically bright a practical activity which links what they may learn in physics or maths later"

"The kids seemed to have thoroughly enjoyed it and the satisfaction of seeing their product move and do what they want it to is far more than just solving equations in class"

"Being involved in the Technology Volunteers has helped me see the variety of things I can take part in and has really enhanced my learning experience at Warwick"

"What I got out of it was just as much as what the kids did, I was introduced to the Arduino which extended my knowledge of electronics and it felt great to do what I used to love doing during college"

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