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Kinect Resources


Microsoft's Kinect is a motion sensing input device, originally designed for the XBOX 360. Kinects use webcam-style technology to detect a player's movements in front of the screen, and use this movement to control the current game or application. It also features a microphone, allowing users to provide it with voice commands. The device is now available for the PC, and can be used to interface with Scratch. This means you can now interact with your Scratch programs personally!

Our Workshops:

Although we are yet to run a workshop surrounding Kinects, it is definetely something we are looking into. We now have a small collection of the devices and are looking at how they can best be used within schools and community organisations. If you have some ideas, or would like to find out more about ours, please contact Margaret Low (m dot j dot low at warwick dot ac dot uk).

Our Resources:

  • Coming Soon: We are in the process of creating some great resources for the Kinect.

External Resources:

Need Help?

If you need help with any of the resources here, or know a great resource we have missed, please contact us here.

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