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Term 1

DBS Checks and Safeguarding

Everyone who visits schools with us to complete workshops are required to have a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check and have completed a Safeguarding session, both kindly provided for free by Warwick Volunteers! DBS checks take around six weeks so most new members are unable to visit schools until term 2. Returning members, and those who have already fulfilled these requirements, can help with the activities and workshops in term 1. If you already have a DBS check with a different organisation, contact us and we will check with Warwick Volunteers; you may then be able to join us at events straight away!

Term 1 for new members is all about preparation for going into schools. We provide all the training and support you need to feel confident about helping deliver our workshops in terms 2 and 3. You will need to complete a DBS check and attend a Safeguarding Session; both of these are precautions to ensure you are protected and insured when working with children in schools – you will not be allowed to volunteer in schools without your DBS certificate!

Many of our members stay with us for more than one year. Returning members can help with training new members, and take an active role in the group's start-of-year planning.

2016-17 Training Plan:

Below is the current team training schedule for the 2016-17 academic year. Each training session lasts for around 2 hours, 1 hour being dedicated to Scratch and 1 hour for Arduino. It is not a problem if you need to miss a session; there is always time to catch up and work through previous activities.

You can get copies of the slides used in the training sessions on our Members Resources page.

Week Date and Time Room Activities

12/10/2016 (2-3pm)

S0.11 Introductory Session

19/10/2016 (2-4pm)

IMC 105 (meet Reception)

Arduino: Tutorial 1 - Introduction and Blinking an LED

Scratch: Introduction & basic concepts - Aquarium

4 26/10/2016 (2-4pm) IMC 105 (meet Reception)

Arduino: Tutorial 2 - Digital Inputs

Scratch: Further basic concepts - Racecar

5 02/11/2016 (2-4pm) IMC 105 (meet Reception)

Arduino: Tutorial 3 - Analogue and Serial Monitor

Scratch: More advanced concepts - Joke Telling

6* 09/11/2016 (2-4pm) IMC 105 (meet Reception)

Recap and DBS

7 16/11/2016 (2-4pm) IMC 105 (meet Reception)

Arduino: Tutorial 4 - Building a Clap Sensor

Scratch: Sensing our World - Introduction to PicoBoard

8 23/11/2016 (2-4pm) IMC 105 (meet Reception)

Arduino: Tutorial 5 - Controlling a Display

Scratch: Further Sensing our World concepts

9 30/11/2016 (2-4pm) IMC 105 (meet Reception)

Arduino: School Sessions Briefing - What to Expect

Scratch: Scratch Challenge - Be Creative!

10 07/12/2016 (2-4pm) IMC 105 (meet Reception)

Arduino: ExperiSense - Demonstration and Experimentation

Scratch: Scratch Challenge - Be Creative!

* This session is quite important to attend, if you can. Here we will provide important information on DBS checks and Safeguarding.

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