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Design An App

Workshop Content:

The 'Design An App' workshop is based around the entire creative process of application development. Applications (or apps) on mobile devices are extremely popular and form a considerable part of the technology industry. Most people know what they are, and many use them every day, but how are they created?

The workshop encourages children to follow the entire creative process, from thinking of an idea to designing a user interface. During the process, considerations will need to be made for their users' needs, and how their software interacts with the hardware itself.

Workshop Format:

The workshop is a mixture of both individual and group work, in small teams of 3-4.

Workshop Aims:

  • To encourage creativity through the creation of original app ideas.
  • To develop teamworking and negociation skills, as groups work together on a single app.
  • To get children thinking about software development as a process, often executed in teams.
  • To get children thinking about the things which make an effective user interface.
  • To be fun and encourage children's interest in technology!

Workshop Location:

All our workshops are typically run at the school or organisation itself. Because this workshop does not involve computers, we can work in a space without them; this is currently our only paper-based workshop and was designed for delivery anywhere!

Workshop Length:

All our workshops are flexible, however the 'Design An App' workshop is typically 1 or 2 hours long.

Find Out More:

To find out more about this workshop, please contact us. Alternatively, check our volunteer availability and book a visit. You can also learn more with the links below:

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