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Current Workshops:

We currently focus on two different workshops, click on them to find out more information:


arduino uno

The Arduino workshops revolve around micro-controllers called Arduinos. These are similar to the little chips found in modern equipment such as phones and computers. Without these little chips your equipment would not work as they are the heart of all modern technology. We use these Arduinos to help teach the children a basic knowledge of electronics and programming in a very hands on, interactive and fun way.


scratch cat

Scratch is an innovative program from MIT, which helps to teach children basic programming skills. Scratch involves creating innovative games and animations in an easy and simple way, through connecting a variety of blocks. Blocks clip together like the pieces in a jigsaw, so only pieces of the right type can be attached together. This makes it even easier to learn and experiment. Using Scratch, children develop their programming skills in a fun and exciting way, without realising it.

Click here for more info on our Scratch Workshops

Please note, our workshops assume no prior knowledge, and are accessible to people who have never heard of them before!