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More about Arduino...


Here are links to our Arduino Resources, both internal (Tutorial sheets) and external pages from which software, manuals and parts can be acquired.

Our 2012-2014 resources can be found here:

External Resources

Arduino Website

Other useful programs

  • Fritzing A program to draw circuit diagrams, used for all our handouts given to the children.

Where can I get an Arduino or parts?

All the equipment used in the workshops and training sessions for volunteers is provided, however, if you would like to purchase your own kit to tinker with in your own time, then here are some useful links:

(Note, this is not an endorsed or definitive list)

Where can I get a book about the Arduino?

Technology Volunteers also have a range of custom circuit boards which will be used throughout the workshops, there is a possibility (if there is demand) that more could be produced, contact techvolunteers at warwick dot ac dot uk for details.

Tutorial Sheets

Tutorial 1 - Introduction and Blinking an LED

Tutorial 2 - Digital Inputs

Tutorial 3 - Analogue and Serial Monitor

Tutorial 4 - Building a Clap Sensor

Tutorial 5 - Controlling a Display

Tutorial 6 - IR Remote Control

Tutorial 7 - Motors

The above links take you to tutorial pages with additional information, step-by-step worksheets and example code where necessary.