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About Scratch

Scratch is an innovative program from MIT, which helps to teach children basic programming skills. Scratch involves creating innovative games and animations in an easy and simple way, through connecting a variety of blocks. Blocks clip together like the pieces in a jigsaw, so only pieces of the right type can be attached together. This makes it even easier to learn and experiment. Using Scratch, children develop their programming skills in a fun and exciting way, without realising it.

The Workshops

The workshops typically start with a "follow me" style, where everyone follows an interactive demonstration from one of our volunteers. After each step in the demonstration, the class is encouraged to have a go themselves. Plenty of volunteers are on hand to help provide support, answer questions, and encourage creativity. Once the initial demonstration is complete, time is allocated for the class to explore Scratch and have fun!

All our workshops are typically run at the school or organisation itself. As this workshop uses Scratch, access to computers for each pair or individual is required. Because of this, workshops usually take place in computer rooms. Scratch will need to be installed on these computers, although it is completely free. We can provide any support you need with its installation.


  • To teach children basic programming, in an exciting way.
  • To help children develop teamworking and communication skills.
  • To encourage logical thinking and problem solving skills.
  • To be fun and encourage children's interest in technology!

Almost all of the volunteers for Scratch have absolutely no knowledge of programming when they start volunteering with us, and that's why we have training in term one. As long as you can turn a computer on, you will be fine!

There is no requirement for our volunteers to purchase any equipment.

Tutorial Sheets



Joke Telling

Christmas Tree

Traffic Lights

Critter Catch


The above links take you to tutorial pages with additional information and step-by-step worksheets.

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