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The Picoboard sensor boards provide a new level of interaction with MIT's Scratch Software. They allow users to learn about the interaction between hardware and software in a fun and exciting way. We currently have a class set of sensor boards, which we will bring with us to all workshops. The boards should automatically install their drivers once plugged in for the first time, unless any restrictions are in place.

These boards connect to the computer and have a variety of sensors; they can detect light and sound, and also have a slider and push button. The sensors make it easy to become more interactive with Scratch, and allow for even more creative ideas

The purpose of working with Picoboards (and the Sensing Our World workshop) is to encourage children to think about how software interacts with hardware and to develop their programming skills through new and exciting projects.

External Resources

Here are links to our Scratch Resources, both internal (Tutorial sheets) and external pages from which software and manuals can be acquired:

Scratch website

Where can I get a Picoboard?

All the equipment used in the workshops and training sessions for volunteers is provided, however, if you would like to purchase your own kit to tinker with in your own time, then here are some useful links:

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Tutorial Sheets



Christmas Tree

Traffic Lights

Critter Catch

The above links take you to tutorial pages with additional information and step-by-step worksheets.