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UNICEF Schools Project

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[Photos courtesy of UNICEF Schools Project]

Volunteering Opportunities

As a volunteer in the schools project, you will create and hold interactive workshops in primary schools in the local area.

Our workshops aim to educate pupils about the reality of daily life for children in less developed countries and to spread awareness about the work that UNICEF does to help these children. We also want to inform students about the simple things they can do in their local communities to support children in need.

Past workshops have covered a wide range of topics such as malnutrition, gender inequality, climate change and the refugee crisis. Interactive games, quizzes and activities ensure that the children engage with the content in a fun and memorable way.

If teaching isn't your thing, check out our Warwick Unicef on Campus Facebook page to learn about our campaigns and our major fundraising project, Fast24. (Please note that only hours volunteered in the Schools Project count toward the Warwick Volunteer Certificate).

Why get involved?

Do you want to spread awareness about the world’s most pressing issues? Do you want to help shape the minds of the future? And most importantly, do you want to have fun and make friends while doing all this? Then the UNICEF Schools Project is exactly the right thing for you!

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How to get involved
Time Commitment


In term one, students are required to attend weekly meetings where they work in small groups to prepare the presentations. The meetings will start in week 3 (location and time TBC).

At the end of term one, the presentations should be completed and include a range of fun activities for the pupils.


In term two, volunteers will visit primary schools in the local area. Usually, we do two one-hour workshops per school.

Remember, all activities related to the UNICEF Schools Project (including the weekly meetings, the tutoring itself, the travel time to and from schools) can be logged on your Hours Log in order to receive a Warwick Volunteers Certificate.

Location and Travel

In term two, volunteers are required for sessions in Coventry, Leamington, Kenilworth and Warwick schools.

We will reimburse travel costs for this project. Visit our travel page to plan your journey to your volunteering activity.


All volunteers will be required to complete Safeguarding training.

This is an external opportunity

Warwick Volunteers cannot be held responsible for external volunteering opportunities advertised, but we do make every effort to ensure that all the information we publish is accurate. We advise volunteers to use their own judgement when selecting potential opportunities, and to check all details concerning prospective volunteering activity with the organisation involved. Please make sure that you have received all necessary training and information regarding your own health and safety before commencing volunteering.