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Carbon-cutting Tips

Want to help us hit our carbon reduction targets? Try to remember to do the following:

Turn this stuff off:

Your computer
You don't need to remote desktop - you can sign into the campus network from anywhere.
Your monitor
There's no reason to leave a monitor on when leaving your desk. Take a couple of seconds to turn it off.
The lights
If there's no one in the room you're leaving, there's no reason to leave the lights on.
Printers and Photocopiers
Anything left on standby sits there eating up power all night. Just turn it off.
Don't leave stuff plugged in and switched on, it's a constant drain on power.

Turn this stuff down:

The higher you have the valve turned up, the more energy it uses. Have you tried wearing a jumper?
Air conditioning
More cooling uses more power. Have you tried taking your jumper off?
Turn off equipment when it is not in use. Shut fume cabinet sashes.
Dimmer lights
If your lights have a dimmer switch, only have them up as far as you need them.
The louder it is, the more power it uses. Give the environment and your ear drums a break.


Good Practice in Offices: