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Cut the Flow: Warwick's energy and water saving competition

Cut the Flow is an inter-block energy and water saving competition across the halls of residence on campus. Two prizes are awarded at the end of each term to the block that reduces (1) their energy and, (2) their water consumption, the most compared to the students who lived in their block for the three proceeding years. 

Cut the Flow Assistants and Ambassadors undertake walkabouts to raise awareness of how to reduce consumption for example, through:

  • Turning off equipment (ovens, hobs, laptops etc.) when not in use
  • Cooking and shopping together
  • Using a plug or a washing up bowl
  • Only boiling the water you need

Why should you get involved?

  • Win prizes for your hall
  • Learn good habits for when you have to pay your own bills
  • Help the environment

Some interesting facts about water usage at University of Warwick:

  • Warwick students use on average 193 litres per person per day in their rooms. That is 43 litres more than the national average (who also have access to hosepipes, washing machines, dishwashers etc)
  • The halls of residence produce approx 788 tonnes of CO2 per year (before heating the water!); 788 tonnes of CO2 is eqivalent to flying a Boeing 747 non-stop for 380 days!