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Carbon: Energy Tracker

Energy Tracker

If you live on campus in Staff and Family Accommodation, you can use the Energy Tracker to view your energy consumption and estimate costs online. The figures are updated hourly. It's also available to a number of other third party tenants, and University departments.

Sign in to the Energy Tracker

Become a registered user

To become a registered user, speak to your accommodation manager, lease/property manager or department manager. If you are one of these managers and are interested in offering this service to your customers, speak to someone in the Energy & Sustainability Team in the Estates Office. This service is currently free where available.


If you need advice on how to use the system, take a look at the User Guide.

Data for your website/app

If enabled, you can harness the data available in the Energy Tracker for use on public web pages or other web apps via the Energy Tracker API.

This feature can be enabled for particular meters only on approval so please discuss your needs with someone in the Energy & Sustainability Team and take a look at the API documentation for more info.