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Staff Green Champions

Why should I sign up?

  • Do you want to make a difference in your department (or at home) and help raise awareness of sustainability campaigns at Warwick?
  • Would your students be interested in a real life experience of sustainability on campus?
  • Could your research or that of your students use the Warwick campus as a “living laboratory”?

Who is the network for?

The Green Champion network is open to all staff members whatever your role or department. We would like to connect with anyone who wants to do the right thing for the environment and encourage others to do the same. We already have a range of academic and operational staff but we are always looking for new recruits!

What is involved?

The level of involvement is up to you. It could involve attending interesting meetings and networking with like-minded people or just putting up a poster or forwarding an email to colleagues. We will send you regular updates about our projects and give you the opportunity to influence and shape new developments.

We would also be delighted to come in and speak to your department or your students about sustainability on campus and give tours of our Energy Centre and Energy Trail. In the past staff and students have used our campus for their research e.g. energy data, butterfly distribution, food waste, building modelling, student behavioural psychology and we are interested in exploring new ideas and projects.

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We'll use the data you submit to this form to contact you about news and events relating to the Green Champions network. We may also contact you about other news and events related to sustainability.