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Staff Green Champions

There are currently more than 100 Staff Green Champions representing more than 40 departments covering academic, professional and technical areas. All Champions receive the Environmental Sustainability monthly newsletter and are invited to our termly lunchtime meetings but are not required to commit any time.

Warwick Green Action

A number of Green Champions are supporting the work of the Environmental Sustainability Team by initiating activities in their own areas through use of the Warwick Green Action project. This project is designed to empower individuals and teams to make positive changes through the provision of a guidance document with ideas for action. Teams are provided with support on various actions from biodiversity to energy, and from communication to procurement.

The project started in early 2019 and there are a growing number of active teams or groups looking to get going. Teams don’t necessarily cover a whole department or building, but cover the area they feel they are able to influence with the time and resources they have available.

As a Green Champion implementing Warwick Green Action you may find yourself:

  • Promoting sustainability initiatives at team meetings or through departmental newsletters;
  • Doing walkabouts to assess potential energy consumption and waste disposal issues; or
  • Sharing your experiences at a Green Champions lunchtime meeting.

Contact us to find out if there’s a team in your area or if you would like to set up a team.

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