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Student Green Champions

What's a "Green Champion"?

Anyone who wants to do the right thing for our environment and wants to encourage others to do the same. Sound like you? Then sign up for the Green Champions network today.

Sounds like effort. I'm quite busy you know...

We know! You will have to make an effort but it’s good effort and there’s a lot you can get out of it.

Go on... what do I get out of it?

So glad you asked. Here’s a list we had lying around:

  1. A boost to your CV. Loads of companies have sustainability policies and you’ll have lots of practical experience to talk about and a certificate to prove it.
  2. New friends! New experiences! There’s loads to get involved in, and tonnes of like-minded people to meet.
  3. A chance to be the best. You could be the greenest of the green.
  4. Parties. Cake. It’s not all about hard work.
  5. Knowing you’re doing something good.