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Student Green Champions: 10 actions to go green

Below are 10 actions. Challenge yourself: how many of these can you complete this year?

1Be aware of Warwick's environmental targets

We have an extensive set of environmental targets that we aim to meet. If you know what they are, you can help us get there.

2Calculate your carbon footprint

How much are you doing to cut your personal carbon footprint? Could you do more? Completing the World Wildlife Federation's carbon footprint calculator with honest answers may give you pause for thought.

3Waste not, Want not: Recycle!

Most people know about recycling. But just how well do you know this topic? If you investigate you might surprise yourself...

Recycling reduces our impact but stop and think: do you need it in the first place? For example, instead of that notebook take notes electronically.

Living on campus? Have a look in your bin and talk to the other people in your kitchen. Could you do better? Take a look at signs.

Living off campus? Call the local district council and have recycling bins delivered. Search for a local recycling centre and take all possible items (e.g. batteries/phones).

4Switch it off

If it doesn’t need to be on then why is it? And we mean off - standby is still wasting that energy.

If you're paying your own bills this can save you a lot of money. You could also look at energy saving measures such as installing LED bulbs or switching your energy tariff.

5How do you get around?

Bikes, buses and car sharing. There are many ways to get to and from campus and around the local area more sustainably.

Cycling and walking improve your health and wellbeing and they save you money too!

6Vegetables are good for you

Meat has a far bigger carbon footprint attached to it than veg. If you can eat less of it, your carbon footprint will drop as a result. Even just one meal without meat a week helps! Find some great recipes and ideas here:

Talking of food, why not make sure you are throwing as little of it as possible in the bin? That’s like throwing away money. Make use of your leftovers - maybe even make it a weekly thing... Waste Wednesday?

7BYOB (Bring Your Own Bottle…or mug)

How many of the things you buy in plastic bottles really need to be bottled up? Find yourself a funky reusable bottle and refill across campus.

While we're on the subject, remember to take a reusable mug to Warwick outlets for 10p off your coffee!

8Think Global and Act Local. Where do you shop and what do you buy?

What could you change? Buy free range, seasonal and local where you can. Don’t use aerosols.

9Think about what is “in fashion”

There is a very dark side to the fashion industry. How can you help?

Donate old clothes and check out charity shops for some bargain updates to your wardrobe.

10Save water

Only 1% of the world's water is drinkable. How can you use less?

  • Turn the tap off when brushing your teeth.
  • Use a washing up bowl.
  • Get a shower timer and see how quickly you can get clean!

Living off campus? There are all sorts of ways you can save water and save money. Check out