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Student Green Champions: Sign up

To be a sustainable University in every sense of the word - environmentally, financially, socially and reputationally - we need to meet these goals. If you want to be a Green Champion, you need to read them and accept them:

  1. Encourage everyone to play an active role in improving environmental sustainability.
  2. Use our buildings in a more environmentally sustainable way.
  3. Make sustainability part of our curriculum and our campus activities.
  4. Stick to the 4 Rs of waste:
    • Reduce - if you don't need it, don't buy it in the first place
    • Re-use - if you're done with it, could someone else have it?
    • Recycle - if no one needs it, can you recycle it?
    • Respond - if it has excessive packing or a big carbon footprint, is there an alternative you could buy?
  5. Work with our community to support fund-raising.
  6. Encourage good intiatives and innovations put forward by any member of our community


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