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With so much to take in it can occasionally be too much sustainability information to take in at once. So below we have assembled a few apps that will help you to natigate your way to a more sustainable life.

Giki Zero - This free web based app helps you to take personal actions towards reducing your carbon footprint day to day. We recommend signing up with your Warwick e-mail so that we may be able to create teams in the future.

Good On You - Check which brands your are wearing are truely ethical

Re-Fashion - Re-Fashion believes the future of fashion is circular and wants to eliminate clothes waste. For good.

Refill (City to Sea CIC) - Find those bottle refill points across the UK and beyond (or add any you find)

Love Food Hate Waste - a collection of hints, tips, recipes and advice from the Love Food Hate Waste campaign. Website here or download the Iphone app..

Olio - Bought too much food? or maybe you didnt like something new you were trying? Give it away to someone who wants it. #LoveFoodHateWaste

Too Good To Go - Find a meal locally at a bargain (including on campus)

Ecosia - search the internet with the knowledge that you are helping to plant trees (can be used as an App or as your normal Search Engine)

UN Sustainable Development Goals - Find out more about the 17 UN SDGs and the targets beneath them.

Plastic Patrol - a real world tool that combines citizen science and scientific analysis to help us gather crucial insight into plastic pollution.

Shpock - sell/buy items, make money and reuse.

Your Rubbish! - if you are a Coventry resident this fantastic app is available so you know what goes in what bin and when your bins go out. Download free from the iTunes app store for iPhone and iPad or the Google Play store for Android.

Trash Nothing - an app that helps you give items away for them to be reused or grab something that someone else is giving away.

CO2 Grid - Check the current carbon indensity of the energy grid in your area. Times when we are mostly using renewables is perfect for putting that washing machine on!

Trolleywise - retrieval services which help reduce shopping trolley losses from retail stores across the UK.

Preloved - Find great bargains and free stuff in your area with ease, and create ads in seconds to share locally and nationwide.

Depop - Depop is the fashion marketplace with a global community buying, selling and connecting to make fashion more inclusive, diverse and less wasteful.

Change4Life Sugar Scanner - unsure how much sugar is in you food? too much can be unhealthy, use the app to find out!