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Environmental Targets

The University environmental targets are reviewed regularly.

You may also want to take a look at our Environmental Management System policy(PDF Document), as signed by Director of Estates, James Breckon.

  • The University currently sends 2.8% of its waste to landfill. The University aims to reduce waste to Landfill to 2.8% or less of ‘total waste’ by end 2018/19.
  • During 2017/18 the University met its target of 60%. The University will aim to improve the Recycling Rate waste diverted to landfill to 66% or over by end 2018/19.
  • The University will maintain disposal of 100% of waste cooking oil sustainably, for re-use/ conversion into bio-fuel.
  • Food Waste Strategy and Sustainable Food Policies are under development
  • To implement a monitoring system by end of 2018/19 to gain greater knowledge of Construction waste
  • Aim to achieve a 2% rolling reduction per FTE in water consumption per annum.
  • The University has replaced more than 45% of its diesel fleet with Electric vehicles during 2018. The University will continue to replace its diesel service vehicle fleet with electric vehicles by end of 2019.
  • Introduce at least one high profile environmentally-friendly transport initiative per annum.
The University will advance along the Sustainable Procurement flexible framework:
  • Progress on Flexible Framework towards level 4 by end 2018/19

Emissions and Discharges:
  • A revised 2030 carbon emissions target will be reviewed by the University by end 2019..
  • The University will map its scope 3 carbon emissions by end 2019.
  • Do at least 1 new ecology and/or biodiversity intervention on campus per year.
Construction & Refurbishment
  • The University will implement a soft landing process on 3 capital projects by end of 2018/19
Community involvement
  • The University will coordinate the 3rd Green Week with local community partners by end March 2019